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The fox was brought to Australia by early settlers for the purpose of horse and hound hunting, and  have along with domestic cats that have turned feral, have been paramount in the near decimation of many of our native species.

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The Farm Cam product range has proved to be a real winner over the past years. It has been responsible for catching many offenders and the recovery of valuable goods. Farm Cam is a motion activated, portable digital camera that can be powered by a single rechargeable battery for up to nine months.

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People all over Australia are constantly on the lookout for time and energy saving tools for farm, business and home a tool that will be used frequently, saves time and saves fuel. Surely the No.1 tool on the farm is one that meets all these needs. A growing number of Australians are choosing the Sun-Power Solar Gate Operator as it meets all of the needs and it can be easily installed on existing gates.

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 Break It Down Composting has a comprehensive range of CMC Compost turners. All compost turners meet the strict criteria of the CMC (Controlled Microbial Composting by Luebke) method.

The Compost Turner CMC ST250 is field proven for many years and is considered one of the most effective turning machines in the composting industry worldwide.

With a net working width of 2.5 meters and a net working height of 1.4 meters, the machine will turn piles up to 2.5m2 cut surface.

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 Compost Tea is a liquid extract of compost. It is an excellent way to feed your plants and renew the health of your soil. Compost Tea is organic and provides chemical-free nutrition and beneficial microlife.

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Electric Bikes are ideal for smaller properties.  These two models are new to the market place. Powered by a battery you simply charge them up and off you go.  No licence is required to ride an electric bike.
The Go Getter has a tray which is perfect for carrying small farm equipment or feed for animals.

The required charge time is 5-10 hours which will give you approximately 50kms of travel, load capacity for the Go Getter is 150kg.

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 Quick, easy and effective horse manure removal ideal for the small farmer.

Most horse owners know the frustration of having to manually clean horse manure from paddocks and smaller yards. It can be a constant and endless job that consumes hours of valuable time. The Super Scooper is a quick and easy solution to your problem, at a much lower cost than other systems on the market. 

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Geoff Hutson small farmer from Samsonvale, QLD, purchased a new 50hp Apollo 5504 at Sota Tractor’s Brisbane branch. “It’s my new toy,” he says. “I’m still learning about it but it’s great to use because of the modern features built in. I like the simplicity of having high and low range gears and the shuttle shift makes changing gears easier.

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 Latest Addition of the 8560 4WD (83HP) to the Mahindra Australia Models Continues Tradition of Hard-Working, High Value Tractors

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 In order to offer a utility tractor for every customer type, Kubota Tractor Australia has released a new low budget tractor in their M-Series line up.

The new M7040SUD – Special Utility Tractor, is based on the very popular M40 Series range (62 hp - 95 hp) introduced to the Australian market in 2006.

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