Farm Consultant Profiles

Allan - Covering Northern Rivers and South East Queensland

Allan - small farms consultant
Allan has a lifetime of practical experience in agriculture. He has owned and operated a number of enterprises including dairy, beef and cropping farms in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. He has always had a passion for breeding high quality livestock with his family currently operating a growing Simmental beef stud.
Allan has worked for the last twelve years as a taxation accountant and business advisor. He has seen the financial cost for clients of not seeking professional advice before buying property. His primary focus was to work with farm based clients.
Allan completed a Bachelor of Business at Southern Cross University and a Graduate Certificate in Agriculture ( Consulting) at the University of New England. He looks forward to providing a quality service to his clients.

Stuart - Covering Northern Tablelands and Hunter Valley

Stuart is passionate about agriculture, primary production and his local area. Stuart grew up on the family farm near Tamworth and obtained his Bachelor of Applied Science in Rural Management from the University of Sydney. Now he has over 15 years’ experience in both the commercial and government agricultural sectors in research and advisory roles. Stuart spent 7 years working with the NSW DPI running workshops and field days teaching soil management and plant identification across northern NSW.
His key difference is the experience and knowledge he has earned in all aspects of primary production, from conventional broad acre cropping, pasture agronomy and fodder production. As well as alternative primary production such as ostrich farming, free range egg production and equine agistment and breeding operations.
Stuart provides personalised, one on one, advice to a diverse range of clients throughout the region. He also has a wealth of district specific experience, skills and knowledge for all local climatic zones ranging from high altitude grazing country through to black soil plains and everything in between. He can tailor programs for your specific enterprise.
Stuart is always striving to implement new techniques and products to assist clients to achieve the highest possible production goals and lifestyle goals.
As an agricultural advisor, Stuart believes very strongly in service and good advice. He feels the key to successful outcomes is a good relationship between management / owners and advisors.

Malcolm - Covering Victoria 

Malcolm has vast practical experience in the grazing industry and this knowledge is kept relevant by regular training and by consulting clients who have a variety of lifestyle to large farming operations. One of Malcolm's strengths is his enthusiasm and his ability to help clients to have a clear view of their desired outcomes and their strategies to achieve them. 
Expertise includes: setting business direction, pasture management & feed budgeting, stock management & breeding, cattle, sheep, goats and alpacas, whole farm planning, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), farm water & infrastructure management, risk management, budgets and sustainable farming practices, marketing.
Malcolm grew up on and managed a Bio Dynamic dairy and beef farm in the Yarra Valley (15klm from Melbourne GPO).
Has been very successful in beef trials, carcass competitions, showing and marketing of stock.
Managing a dynamic and successful family medium scale stud & commercial beef - sheep farm operation. 
Providing genetics and advice to a beef breeding operation in Russia.
Agriculture Victoria BetterBeef co-ordinator and specialist.
Malcolm has been involved in the development and practice of the BeefCheque and Farm$mart programs. Developed and delivered marketing modules for NMIT: Diploma of Organic Agriculture. Delivered numerous workshops particularly in: holistic farm & stock management. Involved in various industry groups including gold member of Landcare.
Tocal Diploma of Agriculture (TDA), Cert IV Workplace Assessment & Training. Certificate III in Frontline management.

Andrew - Covering NSW Southern Highlands and Tablelands

Andrew has over 25 years of extensive experience, understanding farm productivity on the southern tablelands and highlands of New South Wales. He has a Bachelor of applied science from Hawkesbury Agricultural College along with a wealth of experience gained from other short agricultural courses.

Andrew has detailed expertise on soils and pastures and also expertise in animal breeding and has judged commercial cattle and pastures at regional competitions. He has the experience to help explain in plain english what you need to know to make a sensible decision in purchasing a farm. 



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