Dreaming of the country life

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Dreaming of the country life

Hi there.


I'm new here. Currently a city slicker but as long as i can remember have dreamed of one day living out in the country on a farm. Husband and I both growing tired of our jobs and busy city life and traffic. We have zero farming or even country living experience. I'd love somewhere Central West NSW, North Coast NSW, North East NSW or even South East QLD. Would love 10 to 20 acres or more with maybe a mix of some animals and/or produce. Like a hobby/lifestyle farm i guess.


I'm interested to hear from those living/farming out in the sticks what it is really like in reality. I know many of the good points i think, but when it comes to things like jobs, education (3 school age kids), healthcare (have a young son with chronic illness), water supply, power, internet and other essential services, what are the downsides?


Also, what is the best way to go about even learning how to run a small farm and all that goes with it? 


Thanks in advance for any hints or tips.

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Hi Beejay,

Welcome to the small farming forum and thanks for the question.

If you are searching for a hobby farm and intend to go there on the weekends, I would try and choose a location that is a maximum of 2-3 hours from where you currently live. Any further than that and the travel tends to become too much, particularly once the novelty of visiting the farm wears off.

If you look for a location that is close to one of the major regional centres the prospects of employment, education and other services is good. 

Nothing beats experience when it comes to farming, however you can do a lot of learning through reading. Please find a link below to our bookshop which includes a range of farming titles


Tafe NSW often runs hands on farming courses or you could always approach a local farmer and ask to spent some time when them and have them show you the ropes.

I hope this has been of assistance.



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