Should I till, use harrows or just let it be?

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Should I till, use harrows or just let it be?

Hi - Newbie here and to farming in general.

I have approx 4 acres of land on a 16 acre property that has been left to to its own thing for the past 5 years. The Setaria grass was 6 feet tall and I cut walking paths through it. Recently I have had neighbours horses chomping it down (with calcium supplements) and I have run a slasher over half of it.

I am wanting to fence off some paddocks for Alpaca, goats and some other small breeds.

I am concerned that the Hay and trampled down grass is so thick that it is stifling any regrowth - which is coming through very patchy.

Should I till the ground and grind it all in to decompose evenly, or rake it all up (with drag harrows or similar) to a pile and let it compost down (I am worried that will leave bare earth to dry out). Or should I just let it be and keep mowing it until it evens out?

The ground is clay and is on a flood plain so has lots of nutrients but is very heavy.

Photo attached. Any advice welcomed.

Thanks - I am sure I will be here lots!


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Hi David,

Welcome to the hobby farm forum and thanks for the question.

I would leave it and let it be until all the mulch breaks down. It might take some time but you are best to let nature and the microbes do their thing.

The mulch will protect the soil from wind and water, keep it insulated and help stop other weeds from growing through.

I hope this is of assistance and good luck with your farming adventures. 


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