Tractor for 3 Acres

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Tractor for 3 Acres

First time on small acreage,
Wanting to do some post hole digging a bit of work to build 1.5m retaining walls dig a few trenches and move soil.
What size tractor would you recommend and brands please.

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Hi Kensingtonjoy,

Welcome to the small farm forum and thanks for the question.

With only 3 acres I don't think a tractor would get enough use to justify the purchase. If you are going to buy something I would look at a second hand machine and stick with a well known/reputable brand which has local sales, service and parts.

We have written an article on selecting a small farm tractor which can be found here

We also have a Facebook discussion group which you might like to join, I have posted your question across there for feedback from our members


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