Sheep and Cattle Per Acre

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Sheep and Cattle Per Acre


I am located out in the Central West of NSW and have 40 acres of pasture which haven't been grazed on and haven't been improved in any way for years. I was wondering how many calves which are friesian x beef calves ranging from 6-12 months who are all small because they were poddy calves I can have per acre. Also have full grown sheep with and without lambs (Suffolk, Poll Dorsets, Merino X) who I was also wondering how many I can have per acre.

Any help anyone can give me is much appreciated. Thanks Jack

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Hi Jack,

Welcome to the small farm forum and thanks for the question.

It is a difficult question to answer as it will depend on soil type, rainfall, pasture type, fertiliser use and grazing management.

As an estimate, below are an average DSE (dry sheep equivalent) stocking rates for Central/Northern plains of NSW
Extensive lucerne    1–3     
Intensive lucerne (rotationally grazed)    3.5–8.5    7.0
Natural pasture    0.3–2.0     
Improved (sown grass + legume)    0.8–2.5

A dry wether weighing 50kg will be 1 DSE, a weaned 200kg calf will be 5-7 DSE.



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