Paddock Preparation

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Paddock Preparation

My small property has suffered with the drought and the winter like many other rural properties. Can anyone please guide me in how to bring my paddocks back from the brink. We have just received approx. 80mm of rain over the past week so the ground is well watered. I have 16 head of Hereford steers (9mths) on the block. I have been supplementing them feed wise but I need to rejuvenate my paddocks. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Guy,

Welcome to the small fams forum, nice to have you as part of the community.

A lot of paddocks, similar to yours have suffered during the drought. There are a few options you could consider to rejuvenate it:
- Where pastures (particularly perennial) have suffered from moisture stress and heavy grazing, the best thing to do is to provide a long rest period to allow them to build up root reserves and energy.

- Spread a balanced fertiliser (nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, potassium) reducing and limiting soil nutrients, this will encorage plant recovery and growth. If you have not completed a soil test for 2 years, now would be a good time. Depending on your location and the time of year you spread the fertiliser you could also look at including some grass seed like clover (white/subterrean) or annual ryegrass.

- If you think the exisitng pastures are beyond repair, you could consider direct drilling some summer forage into the paddock such as millet or cow peas. This will help areate the compacted soil and also provide some valuable summer grazing.


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Hi ...

I am not sure what you could get in now, I will ask admin in a sec, but as your not Robinson Crusoe, what I did, not long after seeding and then this drought, was make a very small holding paddock where I know it was going to get knocked about, hand feed there, do not allow set stocking, and I move stock to areas I want them to graze for a few hrs at a time, but most feed is fed too them.

Am trying to let the existing pasture seed, then I will do same, rotational graze, but I can see and am ready to hand feed for another year.

So that is all you can do, if not ruined already, keep them off and let it get back to normal.

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