Goat founder, please help.

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Goat founder, please help.

I think my goat may of foundered. He has very sore feet, he is on his knees to eat, he will walk around but only to get from one spot to another. He is over weight but He doesnt get grain, he gets chaff & lucerne mix and hay, either lucerne hay or oaten or grass hay. He has a mate who is fine but Billy is the smaller of the 2 and he is a bit fat. I have researched this and I think overweight might be the cause. I thought he just needed his feet trimmed as they were overgrown so I bought some hoof clippers but he didn't really improve and now someone has told me about founder. I have ponies and I know alot about founder in ponies but not goats. What should I do? I have stopped feeding the chaff and they get hay only now once a day. I think he is getting worse. What do I do?

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Hi Anne,

Welcome to the hobby farm forum and thanks for the question.

Sorry to hear about your goat having founder, I will ask our resident goat expert Barb Vincent to reply to your question.


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Hi Anne,

Posted on behalf of our resident goat expert Barb Vincent.

It isn’t possible to know what the problem is without a hands exam of the goat. The description of the problem is not exactly clear, it is hard to know if it is the feed, foot rot or or overgrown hooves or if the goat has a stone in her foot. As there is not even a photo of the goat or its feet, there is no way to even begin to know what the problem could be. I believe the only way to know is to have someone such as a vet or consultant such as myself, actually do a hands on exam and history of the goat. 

Do you happen to have a photo you could post?


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