Do I need to fence off my dam with cows?

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Do I need to fence off my dam with cows?

We are thinking of putting a couple of cows in our small back paddock. Never had livestock before. The paddock contains a dam and we are not sure if we need to fence it off and out in a trough, or can just let them access the dam. Hoping for a voice/s of experience please.

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Hi Mawan,

Welcome to the hobby farming forum and thanks for the question.

If you have an alternative water source (tank and trough) I would consider fencing the dam off. Cattle will bog the edge of the dam and often wade out into the water during hot days, making it murky. If you want to keep it in pristine condition and encourage plant growth around it this will only be possible with them excluded.

If you are only running cattle you could run some electric tape hooked up to a solar energiser to keep them out.



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