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Boom Spray Advice

I have a boomless spray (Silvan MANTR-10) which delivers a 3m wide spray using a TK-VP7.5 nozzle at 3.7 l/min. The spray is a bit course for what i need and would like to make a boom spray myself with finer nozzles. Can anyone please advide which nozzles to use. The boom would be 2m wide and hoping to have a 3m spray width. I have checked some nozzle catalogues and they are a bit bewildering. I am using a Silvan 100L redline tank.

Thank you

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Hi Robbie936,
Welcome to the small farming forum.
I would build the boom with 4 nozzles at 500 mm spacings. The boom should be set at a minimum of 800 mm hi to get sufficient coverage. At 3.7 litres per minute over 4 nozzles, travelling at 10 km per hour you will be spraying approx 110 litres per ha which is ideal.

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Thank you Stuart for your reply. I have selected some Tjet Air Induction Green 015 nozzles.

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