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Baby Minature /Pygmy Goats

HI. I am looking for advice on weaning my 2 pet baby goats. I am new to this and want to give them the best nutrition possible. They are on bottles at the moment and I have put our hay. What is the best feed and how much and what age? Is it best to buy a complete already mix food or mix up my own? They are both wethers. Thanks in advane
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Good morning Jacqui, I usually put the kids in a separate paddock or enclosure away from their mum. Before you do this purchase some milking goat pellets or other goat pellets, from your local feed store, which already have mineral, vitamins, carbs and protein in the correct balance. You can put a lick block in with them if you wish, Not one for cattle, as it has tooo much urea in it, which will kill the kid. The ones for horses or goats are fine. Make sure that the enclosure has good water and fresh hay. Do not feed them pure Lucerne hay, as it does not have the correct balance of calcium to Phosphorus- it often causes kidney stones in goats, especially males- that quite often are fatal. A good grassy hay will do. Barley, Rhodes and so on- NB: not bedding straw. Make sure that feed which has been urinated on or has droppings on it are removed as goats will not eat it once contaminated. Drench the little ones for worms when you wean them. The first night or so will be a nightmare as they will bleat all night, but be strong, heart wrenching though it may be, because unfortunately it is a necessity. Please let us all know how you go. Barb

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