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A comprehensive guide to farm water supply for stock and domestic use. Learn about water quality, stock water requirements, pumps, alternative power sources, pipes, tanks, underground water and more. Save money by choosing the right pump. Published 2012, Farm Water is 110 A4 pages.

Table of contents:

  • What do you want water for? Domestic water quality, Water for use with farm chemicals, stock water, biological contamination, catchments and water quality.
  • How much water do you need?  Storage, peak flow, creeks and rivers, reliability, controlled access for better management, licensing.
  • Underground water: Where does it come from? Some important terms, costs.
  • Where do you want the water?
  • How do pumps work? Centrifugal pumps, positive displacement, other pumps, choosing a pump
  • Can a pump do what you need? Reading a pump curve.
  • How will you power your pump? Mains electricity, petrol and diesel engines, solar power, wind power, other power sources.
  • Carrying water: Pipe materials and pipe classes, installing poly pipe, PVC pipe, pipe diameter.
  • Pump set up: Installing the pump, the suction line, priming, water hammer.
  • Fittings: Around the pump, tanks, preparing the pump site, troughs, air and scour valves.
  • Stock water and farm planning: Why build a stock watering system? case study, placing troughs, farm dams.
  • Putting it all together: Designing a farm water supply.
  • Appendices: Friction loss charts, choosing pipes for gravity fed systems,  average water consumption - stock, water quality guidelines for livestock and domestic water, pump trouble shooting.

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