Calf Rearing - A Practical Guide

Calf Rearing - A Practical Guide

This book provides farmers with information on calf biology, evaluating alternative feed resources, and developing a full management strategy for calf rearing. It highlights the principles of calf growth and feed digestion, which allows producers to select the most appropriate system for their farm.

The book provides very detailed commonsense information, and comprises fifteen chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. The principles of digestion of feed in calves
  3. The importance of colostrum to newborn calves
  4. Nutrient requirements
  5. Obtaining calves
  6. Milk feeding of calves
  7. Calf milk replacers
  8. Solid feeds for calves
  9. Communicating with the calf
  10. Disease prevention in calves
  11. Housing of calves
  12. Welfare aspects of calf rearing
  13. Post-weaning management
  14. Economics of calf rearing
  15. Best management practices for rearing dairy replacement heifers

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