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Small and lifestyle farmers are estimated to own upwards of 17 million hectares of land across Australia. In 2007 there were an estimated 145,000 small farmers in Australia. The majority of small land owners earn most of their income off farm. Expose your business to this growing niche market by advertising on

Why advertise with Farmstyle?

  • High conversion rates - guaranteed to deliver the right type of customer to your business.
  • Target market - focus only on your target market of new, lifestyle, hobby and small farmers.
  • Cost effective - advertise online for a greater length of time and for a fraction of the cost of one off print advertising.
  • Growing database - Farmstyle has a growing database and can target specific farmers or locations with your product or service.
  • Strong 'key word' and google ranking - Number 1 Google ranking for 'small farming'.
    - Number 1 Google ranking for 'small farming australia'.
    - Number 1 Google ranking for 'small farms australia'.
    - First page Google ranking for 'hobby farm'.
    - First page Google ranking for 'small farm'.
  • Feedback - receive feedback on your advertisement with the number of ad impressions and clicks to your site. 

What our customers say

  • 'Your website has helped me avoid making wrong decisions and has given me a clearer direction for my agricultural future' (Tom O'Brien, Omeo Valley, Victoria).
  • 'This is exactly what I have been searching for, it's great to be able to interact with other lifestyle farmers who know exactly what I am going through' (Stuart Squires, Lomberah, New South Wales).
  • 'Farmstyle is a very helpful community and I'm glad I found the site' (Simone H)
  • 'Andy the Farmstyle consultant has a plethora of knowledge with an open minded outlook which suits us. His information was very useful in helping us get things moving' (Karlo B, Myponga, South Australia).

Advertising can include a mix of.....

  • High resolution site wide banner advertisements, including a link to your site.
  • Exposure of your product or service through our monthly e-newsletter.
  • 'Free' on-going listing in the Farmstyle business directory.
  • 600 word editorial plus graphics promoting your products and services.

Banner advertising options

Farmstyle offers a number of affordable banner advertising options, including:

  • Site wide - premium sidebar (280 x 250 pixels). Located in prime position on the right hand side of the page. Visible on all website pages.
  • Site wide - button sidebar (280 x 150 pixels). Located in prime position on the right hand side of the page. Visible on all website pages.
  • Site wide - premium footer (600 x 90 pixels). Located at the bottom of the page. Visible on all website pages.
  • Home page - economy footer (660 x 90 pixels). Located in the middle of the home page. Visible only on the home page.

NB. Advertising numbers are limited according to available advertising space. All banner advertisements receive one hundred percent share of voice and are evenly rotated. Feedback includes ad impressions and click thrus.

Other advertising options

Expose your business through the 'free' FarmStyle business directory.  Listings in the directory include:

  • Company name
  • Street address and contact details
  • Email and website link

For more advertising information and pricing contact FarmStyle.

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