Raising cattle for profit

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Raising cattle for profit

Hi , I have 30 acres of good pasture , well fenced with three dams and automatic troths and a good bore with paper work saying it's good for cattle . I want to raise steers to pay for cost / keep the property well managed and keep grass / paddock under control . Can anyone explain what weigh the steers generally come in at and approx what weight to sell them at . Roughly I'm trying to understand how much I can make and what time it takes along with cost for each steer. Thanks

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Hi karinya,

Welcome to the small farm forum, nice to have you as part of the community.

You could buy in steer or heifer weaners at 200kg, and get them to feedlot weights or approximately 350kg. On improved pastures with rotational grazing aim for an average weight gain of 0.75kg per day or 200 days to reach the target weight.

The average buy in and sale price will depend on where your located and the prevailing seasonal and market conditions.

I hope this has been of assistance.



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