Phasing out of Herbicides

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Phasing out of Herbicides

Hey Guys,
Me and my colleagues are trying to practise more sustainable and "chemical free" practises at our citrus orchard here in Gayndah.
It will be a gradual thing but we're really making an effort to cut chemicals out all together as soon as it's possible for us.
WE were trying to think of an alternative way to address the weeds which grow in the tree rows- in-between the trees etc. What we were thinking of doing was introducing a cover crop that would outcompete the weeds add some bio-matter to the soil and fix nitrogen at the same time. The only trouble is trying to find a legumous cover crop or just any kind of cover crop that would be suitable. Preferably a dwarf species so it would not grow to large and block the irrigation that we have for each and every tree, and something that would not compete too much with the tree itself. Has anyone had any experience with this/ are practising something similar?
Any suggestions/thoughts would be really helpful!
Thanks guys

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Welcome to the small farm forum and thanks for the question.

I have posted your question to our Facebook discussion group below and there have been a number of replies and suggestions regarding the phasing out of chemicals



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