green eye crust on lamb

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green eye crust on lamb

Hi everyone,

I have a ram whos 8 months old and sometimes very randomly, usually in the cold weather he gets a bit of green eye crush. Kind of like if a human had a bit of green sleep build up on the eye. It usually doesnt last very long, maybe a day and disappears the following day but its happened a few times now. Anyone have any idea of what it might be? His overall eye health looks and seems healthy and hes a happy jumping around ram, just this random green crust.

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Hi leah,

Welcome to the small farm forum and thanks for the question.

It sounds like some type of infection, usually related to dust or seed entering the eye. Check the eye thoroughly to make sure a seed is not inserted around the eye. 

You can buy Terramycin® which is a broad spectrum antibiotic powder, you could also try putting a patch over the eye after treatment to see if this helps. 

Let us all know how you get on with it.




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