"Chicken Tractors"

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"Chicken Tractors"

Hello, I'm a brand new member, thanks for having me here. We are planning a tree change in a few years time and are doing research now on some business models for different animals and crops. I've been watching videos on You Tube from the US/Canada showing Chicken Tractors - from 50-100 chickens at a time per moveable coop. Looks like a great model, and something a relative novice at farming could try. I'm interested though in finding out if this is a legal way to grow Poultry in Australia, if the purpose is a small scale commercial operation - i.e. Selling 50+ dressed chickens a week ? I'm keen to hear anyones thoughts on what they think is required to get to that level of output eventually - what are the pitfalls & dangers. Also we are looking at the Goulburn region - is that too cold for an operation like this ? I've added a photo of an Australian made Chicken tractor however I'd like to build larger than this. Thanks again.

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Hi Padwah,

Welcome to the small farming forum and thanks for your question.

I have posted your question across to our Facebook discussion group which has 8500 members and is a lot more active then the forum. Below is a link to the group


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