Meat Rabbits

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Meat Rabbits

Trying to set up meat rabbit breeding for our own needs, and I'm having trouble locating a breeder of New Zealand Whites or similar in the area. Does anybody know of a someone who breeds meat rabbits anywhere between Albury and Bendigo? We regularly travel from one to the other so anyone along that area will be okay.

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Hi Dreamchaser,

Welcome to the small farms forum, thanks for the question.

You will find it difficult to find a breeder of rabbits, particulalry on any sort of commercial scale. How many rabbits are you looking for?

The commercial rabbit industry is very much dead, below are a few previous posts that you can have a read of that provide an explanation

Apologies for not being of much assistance.


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Thanks Charlie,

I'll take a look at those links, I'm trying to learn as much as possible so we can be better set up.

We're just looking at a buck and two does to breed for our own needs, just to supplement any lamb or chicken we manage to produce. Not looking at starting up a commercial farming operation, just want to do subsistence farming so our requirements are very small scale. That's why we were hoping to come across someone who had a few to sell.

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