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New to cattle ownership, need some help and advice.

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New to cattle ownership, need some help and advice.

Hi Guys

We have recently inherited 4 mini cows, they were on agistment elsewhere and we have now finally been able to move them over to the land we have purchased on the Sunshine Coast (about 35 acres). We have a few questions and with so little experience we were really hoping for some advice. We notice that one of the Heifers has some patches around her neck that are a little red crusty and bloody, which we have looked up and it appears to be Lice, does anyone have anything that they would recommend for this and if it is the case, would we need to treat all 4 cows?

Dairy cow, when?

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Dairy cow, when?

We want to purchase jersey dairy cow/calf. Ive been told by neighbour that my paddocks were seriously overgrazed and impacted and to rest it till rains come. And so slashed it n has been resting since December.
When should i bring cow in. Im guessing spring? As plenty of new growth then. Or ill be paying too much on feed. How long are you supposed to rest it for?

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122 pages, full colour. Published in 2006.

Table of contents:

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