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Macedon Ranges Shire


I thought I'd post a mail here for no other reason that maybe making contact with my future neighbours :)

Myself and my partner are currently on the hunt for a property in the Macedon Ranges Shire 'area'  with a view to the following:

1. Finding a home that we love.
2. That the home is located in an area and with a vista that norishes our soul.

3. That it is 'commuter' range of Melbourne.

4. That it has the land and capacity to become a mixed farm enterprise that would be at the very worst self sustainable over time :)

In short my good lady partner will continue will I with a view to hopefully being in a position to one day being able to be a farmer :)

Now I am going into this eyes wide open in that my hope is that I can manage to lose as little money as possible moving forward....that's my main goal.

My plan is to start with chooks....and work my way up from there with regards lievstock and to grow seasonal vegetables and to do all this with a view to being able to feed my family and my friends.


That is stage one and have no idea how long that may take...maybe that is far as I'll get.


If I can do that and I am able then ideally I would like to make the farm in some way commercially productive if I can scale some or any of my farm enterprises.

Now...I am NOT A FARMER...I used to work (read slave labour) on my uncles Herreford stud as a kid and that and growing vegetables at home are my only farming experience BUT I have worked hard my whole life and working from before sun up till after sun down is not something I am unaccustomed to. So my will to work and my drive to continue researching and reading will hopefully result in my endeavours not being a complete disaster.

So that's me...anyone in the Macedon Ranges Shire doing something similar?


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