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Land access

In May we are running a field day at Purple Pear Farm looking at sustainable small farms and one topic we need to cover is access to land especially for young farmers.


I wonder if people out there have experiences and opinions on how young people in particular can gain access to land for farming without inheriting it. Love to hear what you think.


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Hi Mark,
That’s a big and important question that a lot of people are thinking about:
1. Win Tatts
2. Inherit: a good succession plan and actions needed.
3. Make money in another career (how to make a small fortune – have a large one and go farming!)
4. Share farming (you can bring: management skill and labour, some capital) – this has to be a win/win contract.
5. Vendor finance: this is like No.4 and a bit like No.2.. There a number of elderly farmers out there that want to stay on farm until they die and they have no family members wanting to take on the operation. They can provide cheap vendor finance and you run the operation and you will have an experienced advisor on tap. Win/Win should always be the plan.
6. Get good career training and become a full time professional farm manager. Good managers are increasingly in demand, well paid and doing a job they like. They may not own the farm – they also don’t have a big debt. This can be better than working with the family.
Suggest people do a Whole of Life Plan (with partner(s)). The sooner there is clear direction – the more likely you will achieve your targets
Talk to Charlie if anyone wants to do some work in this area.
Hope this helps
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Nice - thanks Mal

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