Cattle yard suppliers

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Cattle yard suppliers

I'm looking to purchase cattle yards for my small farm and need some to work around 25 head and hold up to 40. Looking at Red River Rural and wondered if anyone has had any dealings with this company and their thoughts on quality, service etc.

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Hi PGR912,

Thanks for the question and welcome to the forum.

I haven't personally used Red River cattle equipment, however I would suggest trying to find a local supplier, that way if you have any problems you have some support close by. If you use a local business they may even be able to come out to your farm and help assess a suitable site and plan the design. It is nice also if you can support a business in your local area.

Have you compared many cattle yard designs, brands and prices?



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Hi Charlie, the other group I was considering was Metalcorp which has a number of outlets in Vic but all around a good hour away. I understand there are a lot of Chinese steel imports being used so wanted to make sure I end up with a quality product and where possible buy Australian. Also looking for some warrantly on manufacture - Ive seen some yards rusted up after a short time so again want to make sure I end up with yards that are going to last. Red River's warranty on panels is on the 'life of the boss' never heard of such a warranty before, so seemed a bit dodgy!


Cheers PGR912

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I have purchased Red River yards for client and they appear to be good value . I do think they are also imported from China.

A major consideration when purchasing yards is your, others and stock safety. Most crush headbails have injury prone steel  pieces when you are working on the animals head, such as ear tagging..... MetalCorp headbails are one of these.

Another point about crushes: only use the rear headlock control handle. Remove the front one as it can be dangerous.

Yards for small herds only need the basic working requirements provided there is one or two well fenced holding (small) paddocks attached to the yards.

There are lots of considerations re sitting etc etc of yards. Its good to get it right which will help with safe and enjoyable stock handling.


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Just make sure you get a Forcing Yard for safety

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I can absolutely recommend "National Stockyard Systems" in Rutherford near Newcastle (not sure where you are).


The rep/service is a bit "agricultural", but the products are awesome value and well made in Australian steel.


A lot of these Chinese imported panels are pretty crappy quality, but I'm sure there's good ones as well.


A good crush bolted down onto concrete is a must have. We've got 2 of the above suppliers "Hunter Pacifiers" and swear by them. Double parallel squeeze settles them down, and the headbale/chin bar setup works perfectly.

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