Agistment Rates

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Agistment Rates

We own 155 Acres of unimproved pasture just North of Melbourne that we are considering leasing out for agistment.  Can anyone tell me how to go about calculating agistment rates, both for cattle and sheep? Is there anything else to be aware of? Thanks.

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Hi there,
The best advice to give related to agistment rates and stocking numbers would be to contact a local stock and station agent.
They deal with agistment and leasing of land for livestock on a professional level and should have good local knowledge on the subject.
There are so many variables to account such as stocking rate, quality of feed, water availiblity, fencing just to name a few.
Getting an agent involved they should come and inspect the property and give you an idea of what you can run and what is worth.
Rates per head vary in accordance with the variables mentioned and class of livestock. (I.e. Lactating ewes or cows, trade animals or horses).
If you didn't want to get an agent involved I would approach a local pony club or equine club to point you in the direction of some private advisement.
I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply yes

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Hi there,

Approximate agistment rates for grazing are $8 plus GST for a cow and calf per week and $5 plus GST per week for heifers or yearlings.
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Maybe it is where you are located that counts here. I charge $5.50/week for a cow in calf and a cow with calf. $5.00 for a steer or dry cow. I am located in the Northern NSW Coast (no drought issues) and this amount was way above what the local stock agent suggested. But cattle owners were after it.
I am concerned however, because the calves, not suggested weaner age (7 to 8 months) are well and truly in to the grass. I have never heard of $8.00 for a cow and calf and wonder why anyone would pay it. What sort of profit are the cattle owners going to make when the agistment price is so high?
Not complaining however, just want to be informed.

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I wonder what the going rate for sheep is?

I have 100 acres, probably 70 of which are pasture.
I let a local guy agist sheep on it, usually 70-100 at a time.
The place has permanent water.
All I charge him is my land rates, he pays them each year, so effectively $1200 PA. The deal includes that he maintains the fences.
Sounds like he's on a pretty good wicket!


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