When do I slash after planting a new pasture?

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When do I slash after planting a new pasture?

Hello, my neighbour was growing strawberries on my land for a few years and has now stopped. As I don’t wish to farm at present I have planted a generic pasture grass that is 40% Rhodes and a mix of other grasses. This was planted to prevent/reduce weeds and to make it mowable and keep it neat. The pasture is now waist height and going to seed. My question is when do I slash to ensure the best results? Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Cheers Wayne.

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Hi Wayne,

Welcome to the small farm forum and thanks for the question.

With newly established pastures is best to give them a light graze / mow 8-12 weeks (when the plants cannot physically be pulled out) after establishment as this encourages secondary root growth.

It sounds like your pasture is well past this stage, i would try and graze it first and then slash it. If you cant graze it, keep the slasher height at the highest setting for the first cut and then when you do it a second time you can reduce the height.

Hope this information is of assistance.


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