Optimise your silo operations with silo scales

To the layman, the notion of weighing a silo sounds absurd. How could it be possible to weigh something as huge and heavy as a silo?
To those in the know, weighing the contents of silos and tanks is a perfectly normal practice - and for many enterprises and business, it’s an integral part of their everyday operations.  
There are many different types of silo scales and monitoring equipment on the market but as is the case with any type of calibration or product inspection equipment, it’s important not to take shortcuts with quality or installation if the job is to be done efficiently and accurately.
There are many different types of silo weighing equipment - and systems can be designed to suit the specific needs of each silo or tank weighing application as well as to suit the operating conditions. For example, should the silo be subjected to extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, dust or rainstorms, it is imperative that the scales are fit for purpose as well as secured with an appropriate restraining system or protective shield.
Different designs are available depending on the silo or tank construction and can often be retrofitted if required. Silo scales can measure the weight of the contents of just about any vessel, which could range from cement, sand, gypsum and aggregates to flour, corn, oats, wheat, chemicals, plastic granules, liquids and liquefied gases.
The weight of the silo’s contents isn’t the only measurement provided by the system - there are a multitude of other benefits, including:
• Measures real time stress
• Gives timely warnings of low levels to prevent loss of production or missed deliveries
• Highly accurate
• Easy to install and calibrated to precision accuracy
• Improved operating efficiencies and silo management
• Eliminates the risk of overfilling tanks, bins or silos
• Improves product traceability
• Improves the mixing accuracy of the silo’s contents
Silo or tank scales that are to be used for trade purposes have to be certified accordingly, and it is imperative to make provisions for authorised testing of the silos or tanks in the initial design stages. Whether it’s weighing equipment for a 700 ton silo at a cement plant or a 10 ton tank of plastic granules, there will be a suitable silo scale system to suit any application.
Should your business have a need to weigh the contents of any of your tanks or silos, then Australia’s largest industrial weighing company, AccuWeigh, will have a solution. They have branches in all mainland states in Australia and can supply a wide range of load cells and digital weight indicators, as well as pre-assembled kits of weighing components that can be fitted to any shape or size silo or tank to convert them into weighing vessels with minimal modification. To learn more about silo weighing scales and other product inspection equipment, give their team of experts a call on 08 9259 5535 or visit their website. 
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