Starting a business in pest (rabbits, foxes) management

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Starting a business in pest (rabbits, foxes) management

Hello, i am currently looking into starting a bussines in pest management specializing in farming and removal of rabbits and foxes etc. I was wondering if there is a worthwhile market out there and if farmers both small and large are willing to pay someone else to remove the pests for them.

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I'm not sure on larger farms as it would be cost effective and relatively easy to run a baiting programme and certainly you have the option of culling with a rifle. I have a very small "farm" of seven acres and am surrounded by farmlets of similar size - baiting is a problem given the size of the place and my own dog and shooting is a problem due to the proximity of other livestock, buildings etc. Add to that the cost of purchasing traps for such a small area and there is potential for a professional service to reduce the populations. There may be options to run a programme for the community; having said that there are only two "estates" like I described in my area so there may not be enough business to make it viable venture year round.

Best of luck in your endeavours.

Cheers and Beers


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It is great that you are looking to start your own pest control business. Pest control is a major responsibility for both large and small farmers. In New South Wales these responsibilities fall under the Livestock Health and Pest Authority (LHPA). Most areas and landholders are well equipt by the LHPA. As a local example, the LHPA organise meetings each year discussing pest control methods and at one of these meetings fox baiting is planned and baits distributed to farmers.

Demand for pest management services vary according to the level of pest infestation. During pest (rabbit) plaugues, demand for these services are high. It will be important to check in your local area to see what the demand is like and if there is already any private pest control businesses (check the white or yellow pages), as there is probably not sufficient work for two businesses in a local area.

You may find that absentee farm owners more likley to require pest control services as they don't often have the time or resources to conduct their own pest control programs.


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Not to rain on down on your idea but having been a hunter for over 20 years most hunters even professional hunters (guides) will pay to have access to land on which to rid a few pesky critters. I open my land to the occasional hunter and charge a fee for such. If there are any farmers needing assistance and want to make a few extra dollars drop me a line, I can put you in touch with well mannered and exceptional marksman.


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