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Small Tractor Selection

We purchased our 10 acre property on the Clarence River 18 months ago and purchased a second hand tractor - Deutz 80 hp. We have been able to purchase various implements but not a front loader and 4in 1 bucket. We know the tractor is to big for the property but has worked well on the flat but not stable for the hilly part of our property. Currently we have one horse and have no other plans for the property apart from keeping the paddocks in check and maybe run one or two head of cattle. Our main problem is various mounds of dirt which have been created as a result of building a shed and digging a pond.Therefore we are looking at buying a new smaller tractor about 40hp. As we will not be using it often we were looking at the cheaper Chinese brands such as AGriCat, DFM and Ag chief. All have good specials at present with front end loaders. I have been unable to find ant information on these apart from the distributors sites. Do you have any information on these tractors that would help me make my decision  or could point me to an organisation or web site that would be able to help.  

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The best independent website to search and compare small farm machinery is For tractors you can search by horse power, make or model, 2wd, 4wd or front wheel assist. This refines the search and you can then select from a range of brands and compare. The camparision provides information on the drive train, PTO specs, transmission, hydraulics, cabin, tyres and dimensions. Unfortunately no price guide is provided.  

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