$20,000 turnover off of 44 acres.

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$20,000 turnover off of 44 acres.

My wife and I have bought 44 acres with the view of expanding our 9 dorpers into a flock of 30 - 40 and then "trading up" and eventually having a viable farm. 

Our accountant has informed us that to run the farm as a business and the associated tax benefits, we need to achieve a turnover of around $20,000. This is patently impossible with the dorpers, however we were wondering if anyone had any other ideas to achieve that kind of turnover? 

It doens't particularly matter if we can't run the farm as a business, we were just wondering if it was at all possible.


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Hi Alex,

Welcome to FarmStyle and thanks for the question.

It is possible to turnover $20000 off a small land area, but you will not be able to do it with traditional agricultural enterprises such as sheep, cattle, goats, hay and crops.

You will need to look at agricultural enterprises that are intensive or ones that you can add value (change the physical nature of the raw product to increase its value) to.

There are any number of enterprises (fruit, nuts, vegetables, chickens, agroforestry) that you could look at, however they will need to be suited to your farm's resources (climate, soil type, location, infrastructure, zoning) and your own personal skills and abilities.

Intensive or value adding enterprises will all have high set up ($3000-$5000/ha) costs, running costs and long term payback periods. Like any business you will need to invest sufficient time and effort for it to be successful.

I hope this has been helpful and please reply if you have any other further queries.


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