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Intestinal worms in livestock – Testing and controlling worms

 Livestock and pets are prone to many different intestinal parasites. Some of these can cause ill thrift, scouring, anaemia or even death.

Livestock feed must be free of unacceptable residues

 With summer upon us, livestock producers are reminded to ensure horticultural by-products fed to their animals are fit for purpose and free from  unacceptable chemical residues. Horticultural by-products used as stock feeds can jeopardise valuable livestock markets if they are contaminated with  chemicals not intended for livestock consumption.

GDot soil moisture display

 Developed by MEA, Australia's soil moisture monitoring specialists, the GDot is a simple visual display to help you know when to irrigate. No more  guesswork!

Controlling roundworm in cattle

 With summer fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about summer drenching of cattle as part of your strategic roundworm control program. In  south-eastern Australia, Ostertagia ostertagi (small brown stomach worm) is the major cause of production losses from worm infections in cattle.

Recycling old hay

 With a new hay season around the corner it’s time to clean out the hay shed and remove spoiled or stale hay in readiness for the new supply. Even with  well-kept hay there will always be a certain amount of wastage; there may be anything from a pile of sweepings to several bales that might have been  affected by damp and are suitable for cattle to eat, but not horses.

Managing laminitis in horses on small properties (part 1)

Farmstyle is delighted to introduce Carol Layton as a contributor of articles focusing on managing horses on small properties. Carol brings a lifetime of  experience and considerable expertise in horse matters, particularly in equine nutrition management and training.

Protect your cattle and yourself against leptospirosis

 The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is reminding farmers to guard against the contagious disease Leptospirosis, which can be transmitted from  animals to people. Senior Veterinary Officer for Cattle at DPI, Michael Jeffers said the lepto bacteria, as it’s commonly known, can infect cattle, pigs,  horses, sheep and goats.

New guide to help ensure the nation's food supply

 Farmers and beekeepers alike are being urged to get hold of a new guide aimed at helping them improve communication and work together to manage the  risk to honeybees from farm pesticides.

How to select an ATV / quad bike for hobby farm use

 All terrain vehicles (ATVs, also known as quad bikes) are one piece of farm equipment that most farmers can’t do without. Although they are not designed  to be a tractor, on most small farms they can reduce the need for one.

Berry small farms field day success

 Farmstyle Australia was proud sponsors of the Berry small farm field day held at the beautiful Berry show-grounds in Berry NSW last month on September  8 and 9th. Organised by the Rotary Club of Berry-Gerringong, it had been 5 years since a previous small farm field days had been held at Berry.

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