EZFLO fertigation delivery systems

Fertigation simply is the injection of fertilisers, soil amendments, and/or water-soluble products into an irrigation system. An irrigation system can be a sprinkler on a stand, a hose, a drip system or a centre pivot.

Why Fertigation? It offers versatility as you can control the amount of product to be injected such as a natural growth stimulant after a decent shower of rain or some trace element that was missing on you last soil test.

It also offers the ability to dose nutrients every time you irrigate so the plants and soil food web can digest just enough, no waste like the broad casting of dry granular input that could wash away into the creek if an unexpected storm were to come over.

An added benefit of regular fertigation is that it will promote stronger root structures which generally result in more resilient plant structures which in turn have greater nutritional value for both humans and stock AND as a bonus suffer less stress. Water consumption is also reduced as the plant with its enhanced root structure can access a larger area.

Fertigation is the most economical and versatile method for improving and maintaining crop and pasture and with literally thousands of inputs available you can target any deficiency very quickly.

EZ-FLO systems are generally sized to the property and the quantity of irrigation water to be fertigated.For example a 2 acre rural block and you want to fertigate 10 litres of Seasol per night; we would recommend our 9.4 litre model the 003CX. 
However if you had only 200 m2 we would recommend the EZFLO1, a 3.8 litre model.16 models are available to suit just about everybody, up to 2300 litres to suit a centre pivot on a lucerne farm.
EZ-FLO Australia imports and distributes Fertigation equipment to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. EZ-FLO has been selling the products for 12 years and as we only sell EZ-FLO we have developed product expertise to ensure product selection is both economical and appropriate and as we talk to our customers on a routine basis, we have also developed feedback, on what really works and what does not. Such as wetting agents for our clients from WA and gypsum type products for the golf courses using recycled water that contains too much sodium.

All commercial products carry a 5 year warranty; they do not rot, require no power and need no maintenance.

"Fertigation offers versatility as you can control the amount of fertiliser applied"

Last but not least: The best time to water is at night and the best time to fertigate/fertilise is at night, so you could be on a winner if you have an EZFLO delivery system.

Our smallest model, with 3.8 litre capacity is equivalent to emptying and filling 400 x 9 litre watering cans. Now that is smart!

To enter our current competition and go in the draw to win 2 fertiliser irrigation delivery systems enter here.

For more information visit www.ezflo.com.au
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