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Hobby Farm Tax Deductions and Business Structures in Australia

As with any new business, starting a small farming business can be a daunting task. The fact that there are different taxation rules that apply specifically to small businesses in the agricultural sector can complicate matters even more.

Small producer case study: Hamel Homegrown Organics (Part 1)

Anton and Fiona Bombara are seasoned organic growers.
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  • Small producer case study: Swan Valley Honey (Part 2)

    Debbie has put her product development skills to good use to diversify the range of Swan Valley Honey products.

    Small producer case study: Swan Valley Honey (Part 1)

    Debbie Starr is a talented and experienced chef and also the luminary behind Swan Valley Honey.

    Leasing land for agriculture

     Leasing land can be a great way to get into agriculture or expand your existing business without the high capital cost of purchasing land. For the    landowner, it can also provide a steady income from land they are not currently farming.

    Buying farm land – top tips for small farmers

     Nobody should buy a small farm on a whim. Whatever your reasons for buying a small farm – whether it’s a going to be your retreat, weekender, hobby  farm, conservation or self-sufficiency block, or maybe an investment or a working farm – you shouldn’t make any decisions before considering these  important purchasing tips.

    Buying a small farm – starting out

     “What can I do with my small farm?” is a question I’m regularly asked. My response is usually: Well, what would you like to do and what will your farm  allow you to do? If you are thinking of buying a small farm, you should always have a vision of how you would like your prospective farm to look.

    Escape to a rural lifestyle, buy a hobby farm

     So, you’re thinking about throwing in the towel at your city gig and moving to the country for some peace, quiet and fresh air. A shift  in gear that gives you  time to start work on that novel you’ve always wanted to write, raise some ducks and a cow or two and grow  your own veggies.

    Tips for buying a small rural property (WA)

    Advice and information for people looking to buy a small farming property can now be found in the Department of Agriculture and Food publication ‘Tips for Purchasing Small Rural Landholdings’.

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