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Customers satisfaction for Agrison

Murray praises his Agrison tractor. Agrison Tractors is becoming a very popular household name for those in the farmi

Small producer case study: Hamel Homegrown Organics (Part 1)

Anton and Fiona Bombara are seasoned organic growers.
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  • Flow hive breaks crowdfunding records

    The Flow Hive indiegogo campaign is now the most successful crowdfunding venture ever launched outside the U.S., with contributions from 116 countries.

    Watch for water hyacinth

    A significant water weed has been removed from an Armadale waterway after a member of the public reported a sighting to the Department of Agriculture and Food.

    Small producer case study: Swan Valley Honey (Part 2)

    Debbie has put her product development skills to good use to diversify the range of Swan Valley Honey products.

    Small producer case study: Swan Valley Honey (Part 1)

    Debbie Starr is a talented and experienced chef and also the luminary behind Swan Valley Honey.

    Get active in the garden this summer to combat unwanted pest

    Home gardeners are reminded to pick any unwanted fruit from their trees and off the ground as part of a variety of activities required to guard against Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly) this summer.
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  • Many small producers or livestock owners are unaware of the importance of biosecurity on their property.

    Sheep producers hit the road to view exclusion fencing success stories

    An investment in exclusion fencing is protecting grazing land from kangaroos and wild dogs, and has increased carrying capacity by up to 50 per cent for Morven graziers Robert and Beanie Mackenzie.
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