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Part 1 - Small producer case study: Eagle Vale Olives

Awarded Australia’s best green table olives, Western Australian family-owned and operated Eagle Vale Olives is a niche farming success story.

How much does outdoor stocking density matter?

For free-range laying hens, it seems stocking them at 10,000 birds per hectare does not dramatically increase bird stress, provided the farm is well-managed and there is sufficient indoor space for the birds to rest after foraging or dust bathing.


John Deere’s 1 Family Compact Utility Tractors give acreage owners power, performance and versatility.

The 1023E and 1025R from John Deere have up to 17.8 kW (24.2 hp), an AutoConnect™ deck feature for easy deck attachment and iMatch™ Quick-Hitch compatibility for easy hookup and a guaranteed fit for all Category 1 implements.

6 benefits of automating your bulk agricultural packaging

Packaging is a major operation for many businesses in the agricultural industry. From grains to fertilisers, soils and hay, a bulk agricultural packaging system needs to be able to handle various kinds of product and package them efficiently before transport.

Australia's best birds flock to Sydney - National poultry show 10-12th June

Sydney Showground will host Australia's largest poultry show on the Queen's Birthday weekend, 10 - 12 June 2016. Covering three exhibition halls, a highlight of the event will be the judging of 5,500 poultry exhibits from all over Australia.

Optimise your silo operations with silo scales

To the layman, the notion of weighing a silo sounds absurd.

Managing feral animals on rural properties (free workshop)

Do you live in Sydney but also have a property in the country?
Does your rural property have problems with feral animals such as foxes, rabbits, pigs

Wallworker building revolution

Now you can build retaining walls, raised garden beds, garden, fences and house walls in concrete, rock or earth in half the time for half the price with the new innovative wallworker formwork.
The idea for these forms started when we lived on

How onboard truck scales can help you at harvest time

Harvest season is a busy and important time on the agricultural calendar and farmers are increasingly turning to technology to help them run their operations more efficiently and more profitably.

Managing water on rural properties for Sydney-based landholders

Do you live in Sydney but also have a property in the country?
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