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John Deere's line of subcompact tractors offer high-end features in an economical package

John Deere’s 1023E and 1025R Subcompact Utility Tractors give the acreage and hobby farm owner the power and performance needed to easily attach and remove implements, work with greater comfort and safety, and mow large volumes of grass with a high quality of cut.

Business planning for small producers

Business planning doesn’t have to be an arduous, drawn out task — it can be a simple, straightforward process that has the potential to turn your enterprise into a more profitable success.

Regional and rural insurer launches campaign to improve quad bike safety


To help reduce the incidence of deaths and injuries occurring on Australian farms, Elders Insurance today launched a new campaign to improve quad bike safety and raise awareness of the importance of operating these vehicles correctly. 

Farmers’ market study shows benefits for consumers, producers and community

A study into Australia’s farmers’ markets has revealed that they provide a number of benefits to farmers, consumers and the communities in which they are situated.

Bore water on small farms

As I’ve written previously, secure water on your small farm is one of the most important inputs no matter if you just want a small vegetable garden or to keep livestock as well.

Small landholders learning from the ground up

The Gidgegannup Small Farm Field Day on Sunday 25 May is shaping up as a key event for 2014, featuring a wealth of information and displays tailored specifically for existing and prospective small property owners.
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  • Prohibited food waste (commonly called swill) is food waste containing meat or any other mammalian products or by-products including imported milk products.

    Keeping a bull – pros and cons

    If you only have a few dairy or beef cows on your farm, it is possible to keep your cows in calf using artificial insemination (AI) and not own a bull at all.

    Nov Mono launches new solar-powered pumping solution for hobby farms

    A new product launched by NOV Mono offers an effective solution for pumping water on small-scale farms and rural lifestyle properties.

    Leasing land for agriculture

     Leasing land can be a great way to get into agriculture or expand your existing business without the high capital cost of purchasing land. For the    landowner, it can also provide a steady income from land they are not currently farming.

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