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New Bait for Wild Dogs and Foxes on Trial

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the Mid Coast Livestock Health and Pest Authority (LHPA) will be conducting meetings on Monday, July 20 at Crescent Head and Tuesday, July 21 at Gladstone.

Weeds on small farms

Weeds are just one of the many challenges that small farmers face.

Alternatives to Chemical Weed Control

The cheapest weed control option is obviously prevention.  There are many practices that we can adopt to ensure we do not introduce weeds onto our property.  There are 6 principles of weed management:

Weeds Funding for NSW Boosted to $8.5 Million

The NSW Government will spend more than $8.5 million to fight the spread of noxious weeds across the State this financial year, Minister for Primary Industries, Ian Macdonald, announced today.

Small Farmers to Rid their Farms of the Fox

Background to the European Fox

The fox was brought to Australia by early settlers for the purpose of horse and hound hunting, and  have along with domestic cats that have turned feral, have been paramount in the near decimation of many of our native

Lantana Control - The Future

Lantana control has become high tech with the recent release of a new Decision Support Tool by the Lantana Weeds of National Significance Program.
The new computer-based tool has been designed to assist land managers with tailoring integrated control programs for their properties - promising more cost-effective management outcomes.

Promoting Pastures to Combat Fireweed

More than 200 Hunter Valley and South Coast farmers recently attended a spring series of field days and workshops promoting pasture management for weed control.

“The more competitive the pasture the lower the weed burden in the long run,” said Industry & Investment (I&I) NSW fireweed project officer, Craig Muir.

Rabbit Virus to be Released in Northern Sydney

The Cumberland Livestock Health and Pest Authority is set to undertake a broad scale release of rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) across the northern Sydney region in a major effort aimed at reducing the ecological impact of urban rabbit populations.

Rabbit Control Programs

Rabbits are a declared pest species in NSW and must be continually suppressed and destroyed in accordance with the Rural Lands Protection Act. There are several available methods of rabbit control that can be undertaken:

Helping hobby farmers control weeds on their land

A free booklet has just been released, providing information for small farm owners who are having trouble identifying and controlling weeds on their land.

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