New Bait for Wild Dogs and Foxes on Trial

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the Mid Coast Livestock Health and Pest Authority (LHPA) will be conducting meetings on Monday, July 20 at Crescent Head and Tuesday, July 21 at Gladstone.

NSW DPI researcher, Guy Ballard, said the chemical para-aminopropriophenone (PAPP) had been chosen by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre to address animal welfare issues.

"When wild dogs and foxes consume PAPP they just go to sleep and don’t wake-up," Dr Ballard said.

"And there’s an antidote. If your pet or working dog takes a PAPP bait, a veterinarian can negate the effect of the toxin with a simple treatment.

"We’re working very closely with all stakeholders so we can develop safe and effective protocols for pest management from the trial."

Two non-toxic bait sites south of Port Macquarie at Lake Innes and Queens Lake will be used to compare the level of activity with the PAPP trail at Hat Head.

The trial design and type of bait being used specifically targeted wild dogs and foxes to reduce the likelihood of native fauna taking baits.

Wild dogs and foxes threaten agriculture, the environment and human health if they are not managed effectively.

Dr Ballard said immediate neighbours of the trial sites have been contacted.

"Advertisements in local newspapers will notify residents and before baiting begins in August warning signs will be installed at the entrance to the sites," he said.

The community meetings will discuss the design of the trial, the nature of the new toxic bait and provide opportunities for locals to register their opinions and ask questions.

For more information on the wild dog trial and the community meetings contact Guy Ballard, 0427 201 415, NPWS pest management officer, Mike Dodkin, 6586 8300 or Mid Coast LHPA ranger, Mick Thorman, 6562 7822.

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