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The top three uses for generators on farms

Many farming procedures and machinery rely on a steady supply of electricity to operate successfully. With the increased uptake of new technology the demand for electrical power on farms is increas

Choosing the right generator for your farm

Running a farm can present a wide range of challenges that require innovative solutions.

Nov Mono launches new solar-powered pumping solution for hobby farms

A new product launched by NOV Mono offers an effective solution for pumping water on small-scale farms and rural lifestyle properties.

GDot soil moisture display

 Developed by MEA, Australia's soil moisture monitoring specialists, the GDot is a simple visual display to help you know when to irrigate. No more  guesswork!

How to select an ATV / quad bike for hobby farm use

 All terrain vehicles (ATVs, also known as quad bikes) are one piece of farm equipment that most farmers can’t do without. Although they are not designed  to be a tractor, on most small farms they can reduce the need for one.

Introducing the all-new CFMoto X8

 The word according to CFMoto has been spreading like wildfire in the Australian marketplace since its range of ATVs was released just over 12 months  ago. And now CFMoto has announced the arrival of the newest, toughest and downright brilliant quad, the CFMoto X8.

Selecting a ride-on lawn mower

 When it comes to grass – whether it’s in the paddock or around the house –  there always seems to be too little or too much. With so many jobs to do  around the farm, lawn mowing is often left until last.

John Deere's line of subcompact tractors offer high-end features in an economical package

 John Deere’s 1023E and 1026R Subcompact Utility Tractors give the acreage and hobby farm owner the power and performance needed to easily  attach and remove implements, work with greater comfort and safety, and mow large volumes of grass with a high quality of cut.

Mahindra launches New 7060 [67HP] 4WD CAB Tractor

The launch of the new 7060 Cab tractor complements the earlier released 8560 4WD Cab tractor in the 60 series range. Designed in Germany and now produced in India alongside our tractor factory the fit and finish is second to none.

Machinery ownership alternatives for small farmers

Farm machinery, especially tractors, can be expensive to purchase and a questionable use of capital, particularly if only used occasionally during the year – as is the case on many small farms.

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