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Farm name:

Nutshell Farm

Yearm Farming:


Farm size:

10 - 50ha

Farm Location:

Peacock Creek, Northern NSW

Farm Category:

CattleGoatsSheepPigsHorsesPoultryOlivesGrapesFruit treesHerbsRabbitsBees

Farm Phisolophy:

We are producing small-scale healthy, sustainable animals for meat and milk production. We turn our milk into butter, cheeses and yogurt. We also grow, using bio-dynamic methods, fruit, vegetables and herbs. These are processed, on the farm into pickles, roasted vegetables in oil, jams, marmalade, and spice mixes. We aim to use as many inputs produced on the farm as possible and aim to maintain maximum carbon sequestration in the soils at maximum levels.

Most memorable farming moment:

Our first meal made entirely from our own produce.


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