Welcoming Rebecca to the Farmstyle Consulting Team

Farmstyle would like to welcome Rebecca to the small farm consulting team. Rebecca completed a B.Sci (Ag) in Adelaide and returned to Tasmania in 2005 and began working as an Agronomist for Elders and then later Serve-Ag. From there she started her own consulting business around 9 years ago.

Agronomy has always been a particularly area of interest and helping owners of small farms. Rebecca offers soil tests and common sense practical advice for those wanting to manage and enjoy their own little patch. "I like to stay across Landcare grants, and encourage sustainable balanced practices. I like to incorporate property design, fencing, trees, water layout and strong pastures into my approach."

Rebecca - small farm consultant

Rebecca has her own small property and an in-depth knowledge of horses. "Horses have very specific low sugar needs which most of our improved grass species do not cater for, as such correct advice here is very important."

Rebecca has completed a range of work for both auditing and certification bodies in both plants and livestock. The livestock auditing provides a background in NLIS and record keeping requirements for food safety, whilst seed certification keeps me up to date with how pastures species are performing.

Rebecca is also an approved provider for the farm household allowance which provides funding that goes towards agronomy expenses, information can be sourced via Rural Business Tasmania

Rebecca is based in Launceston and can travel throughout Tasmania.

We offer a range of consulting packages or if you would like custom quotation please reach out.

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