Tips for buying a small rural property (WA)

Advice and information for people looking to buy a small farming property can now be found in the Department of Agriculture and Food publication ‘Tips for Purchasing Small Rural Landholdings’.

The information booklet, developed by the department’s Small Landholder Information Service (SLIS) aims to improve prospective small landholders’ understanding of the importance of selecting a property best suited to their needs and expectations.

SLIS manager Yolandee Jones said the booklet was a practical guide taking the prospective buyer through a series of questions to assist them in making their decision.

“For Western Australians choosing to buy a smaller rural property, the availability of useful resources such as this guide are imperative for effective land management,” she said.

“Anyone thinking of purchasing a small rural landholding should realistically and honestly assess their expectations and capabilities. Owning a small property can be a lot of work and it is important to be fully aware of the responsibilities and commitments required and the ramifications if these are not met.

“This guide provides prospective buyers with a chance to sit down and assess why they are buying the property, where they want the property to be and what do they plan to do with the property.”

‘Tips for Purchasing Small Rural Landholdings’ also provides readers with a list of additional information sources and contact details for relevant government agencies.

SLIS will encourage shires and community resource centres in localities with a high number of small landholders to carry selected publications and link to the SLIS website for readily accessible information.

Copies of the ‘Tips for Purchasing Small Rural Landholdings’ booklet can be obtained by contacting Jodie Bowling on (08) 9780 6100 or A PDF copy can be found by clicking here.

Source: Department of Agriculture and Fodd Western Australia

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