Sheep and Farmed Goat eID equipment purchasing guide for producers

NSW is currently transitioning to mandatory individual electronic identification for sheep and farmed goats. 

Do you need an eID reader?
Not all producers will need an eID reader for their operation. DPI has created a guide that will walk you through the factors that indicate whether you are likely to need equipment beyond eID tags so you can make a decision on whether to take advantage of the eID rebates on offer.  
This guide has been developed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries to help sheep and farmed goat producers to understand National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) requirements and the potential need for eID equipment such as readers and auto drafters. 
If you are unsure about what the NLIS requirements are regarding buying, moving and selling livestock, you can find more information on the Integrity Systems Company website.

    Do you need an eID reader?

There are several factors that indicate whether you are likely to need equipment beyond eID tags to meet the requirements of individual eID in Sheep and Goats in NSW. Many producers may find that eID tags are their only requirement. Note that eID devices such as tags need to be scanned by a reader in order for NLIS transfers to occur. 
This guide does not assess eligibility for the NSW Sheep and Goat eID Infrastructure Rebate Scheme or provide specific recommendations for your business.  

The answers to the questions will remain anonymous, and you are under no obligation to act on the guidance. 

For further information and to access the eID guide click here.

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