Australian Year of the Farmer

Australian Year of the Farmer celebrates the hard work of everyone involved in producing, processing, handling and selling products from 136,000 farms across the country.

Australian farms and the industries that support them generate more than $405 billion each year, that's 27% of our GDP.

The celebration was conceived by Australian Year of the Farmer Directors, Geoff Bell and Philip Bruem. Geoff and Philip wanted more people to appreciate the fresh food and quality materials our farmers produce to keep us fed, clothed and sheltered. And so, the concept has grown into a national celebration, one which will reach every Australian – reminding us that our farmers sustain the Australian way of life and the economy.

Australian Year of the Farmer is about celebrating and enriching the connections between rural and urban Australia. We want you to take time out of your busy day to think about how farming affects your life, there's more to this agribusiness than meets the eye.

What's happening in 2012?

The Australian Year of the Farmer 2012 is a year-long celebration of the vital role farmers play in feeding, clothing and providing building materials to house us all. From small farms handed down over generations, to our largest agribusinesses, farming is inherent to the Australian way of life.

Australian Year of the Farmer will remind everyone, from those in our most remote areas to those in our biggest cities, of the role of farming in Australia. Agriculture has always made a significant contribution to Australia's economy and prosperity. Activities and events across the country will make sure every Australian will know 2012 is the Year of the Farmer.

We've developed a program in cooperation with many partners to ensure the year has a long term benefit for both regional and metropolitan communities.

We want you to take time out of your busy day to think about how farming affects your life. There's more to this agribusiness than meets the eye.

What are you going to do in 2012 to celebrate?

  • AYOF Road Show. We're hitting the road with an agricultural road show, attending more than 900 event days and travelling more than 55, 000 kilometres. You'll see us at rural shows, RAS shows in capital cities and other cultural events.
  • A national photography competition. This competition will be open to amateur and professional photographers and will focus on all things agricultural. Prizes will be awarded in each State, every month. Your photos could be displayed on billboards across the country, in newspapers and hosted in The Australian Year of the Farmers' online gallery.
  • Careers education materials. There are so many exciting employment opportunities in the agriculture value chain, in both rural and metropolitan areas. We're working with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to create a special Jobs Guide for Year 10 students. We're also working with careers advisers across the country to profile exciting farming-related career opportunities.
  • Agricultural Technology and Innovation Expo. An exciting week of activities highlighting all the best farming technologies and innovations. The expo will culminate in a food extravaganza with live Cook-Offs and Celebrity Chefs.
  • Awareness Program. Our farmers are among the best and most efficient in the world. This is one of the greatest stories never told. In 2012 we will tell this story for all Australians to appreciate and enjoy. You'll see us on TV, Print, and Billboards, and hear us on Radio – so that everyone knows Our Farmers. Our Future.


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