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Pest removal

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Joined: 27/12/2017

Hey all, does anyone within 500km of Melbourne (and preferably within 250km of Sydenham/Keilor) have any problems with pest animals, and is willing to grant me permission to hunt on their property (with bow and firearms, no dogs, dirt, or quad bike)?

Looking specifically for the usual deer, rabbits, pigs, and goats - and preferably the permission to camp out overnight - and while I'm only into hunting for meat, if anyone lets me hunt their property and wants me to also target feral cats, dogs, foxes, etc I would be happy to help out because I understand they can be a hassle for many farmers. (But I am not so much looking for properties to hunt these animals on.)

More than happy to meet before actually getting to the hunting, to bring along seafood, or negotiate $$, and I would be more than happy to pay a lump sum for an ongoing agreement for access to good hunting ground.

Cheers and God bless,
Tom :)

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