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Hi all.
Looking at doing something with 2acres. Was thinking of Lucerne first and then animals

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Hi ianz
Thanks for joking the group.
Lucerne is a fine idea for grazing purposes, especially sheep feed.
Just be a little mindful of grazing for cattle as they can be succeptable to bloat, especially if that's the only feed source they have at the time.
Another consideration is weed control for establishment. We can control both grass weeds and broadleaved weeds in Lucerne but it can be quite costly. Weed control is most critical at the establishment or seedling phase of the pasture. We don't want more weeds than Lucerne .
There are many good varieties on the market these days and I'm sure your local rural reseller will give you some advice on a variety suited to your local area.
For 2 acres I would purchase 1x25 kg bag to so the paddock.this should be plenty of seed.
Good luck

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