Mini Hay Balers

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Mini Hay Balers

Hi,  I have a small farm near Bellingen of 20 acres.  Currently working in South Africa and have seen Mini Hay Balers that are designed to suit small properties & compact tractors.  The pricing of these here, and in America seems to start around $3000 plus, making it a viuable option for small farmers.  I have not seen these marketed in Australia?  Two brands I have seen are the Tuffy and Photon brand and I know there are quite a few other brands.  Would be keen to know what is available in these Mini Hay Balers in Australia?  Regards Peter

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peter.pd just wondering if you found any small balers in australia?

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Hi rob Roy farm,

The small farm company does one bale feeders for under $700.

We have had some initial discussions with the company to try and get a deal for Farmstyle members, I will post back here if things progress.




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