Lactating Jersey cow has one sore teat

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Lactating Jersey cow has one sore teat

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Joined: 11/04/2017

I have beeen milkkng my Jersey cow for 11 months. I milk 6 -10 l per day. One of her teats is sore. She wont let   me milk it. It isnt blocked and it doesnt feel hot. Her milk is still creamy and smooth. She doesnt seem sick, she is eating. Can someone help me please.


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Joined: 09/09/2011

Hi Rosemarree
I would reccomend visiting your local rural reseller and asking to purchase some teat seal cream or equivilant.
There are a few brand names but they are all basically skin softners and have an antiseptic in them. Your cow may be in the early stage of mastitis.
Treat with the cream and still milk the teat out as much as she will let you but do not drink the milk.
She should start to improve in a week or so, if not consult a local vet for a penicillin shot.

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