Giant Paramatta Grass

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Giant Paramatta Grass

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Joined: 10/06/2017

Our neighbours slash the parramatta grass and it has seeded into our paddocks. We were cutting the heads ( seeds ) off and bagging when we saw a bunch but now it is everywhere. Another neighbour has tried fungus with little results. What is the best treatment? We have beef cattle so it is important for us to have good pasture for them. On the other hand we do not have a great deal of cash to spend on controlling this noxious weed. Please HELP! My hubby is starting to talk about buying a wiper.. but if we do this we are worried about what chemical to purchase that won't effect frogs etc when run off gets to the water. We have not used chemical on our farm but we need good pasture.


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Joined: 24/04/2016

Hi Renae and welcome you live in a beautful area not far from us and its such a shame to see whats happening with this terrible weed.

I use my multcher set very low and it wrips the plant out by the roots.Slashing is a waste of time.Kennock is what some use but it takes upto 18 months to work and can only be used in the main growing season.

My nabour has a wick wipper and loves it but he doubts it would work on parramatta grass as its very dry.

Parramata grass is so hard to get rid of add fire weed and wild dogs and nabours who dont look after there property  and you can ask your self why are we doing this, I know I have but then I look outside in the morning and know this is where I want to spend my days.

Regards Graeme

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Joined: 24/07/2015

The landwise weed wipers are the best that I know of and had mine for 12 years now and they work incredibly well on parramatta grass I have successfully killed parramatta grass with it only doing 1 wipe with 200ml roundup to 1 liter of water nothing else added and it kills it DEAD the key is to wipe it when it is activly growing or after you've had good rain


the wipers have a large velvet mat which is far better than a rope wick

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Joined: 14/10/2017

I have the "Rotowiper", which is a 7k machine, but it is excellent on Parramatta grass.


Mind you, my place is flat and open. If you were in rougher country, the (cheaper) Landwise wiper might be a better option.


Wipers are designed to be used with the stronger Glyphosates (450 or 540 not the 360) and you are not supposed to add soap/surfacant to the mix.


I can't believe how effective mine has been, but there were a few mishaps in the start resulting in dead patches of grass here and there.

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