Advice on setting up a new commerial aquaponics farm

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Advice on setting up a new commerial aquaponics farm

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Joined: 01/04/2017

I am soooo very glad to have found this website and joined this forum.


I / we are after a swagger of information on developing aproductive aquaponics farm; making major lifestyle changes and reflection on experiences / reward for effort from others having been in a similar position and succeeded / failed.


A bit of context. Partner 40, self 36, kids 8 and 13, dogs, chooks and fish... 


 Neither partner or self have owned a business, run a farm or have substantial funds. What what we do have is 2 residential properties on the victorian greenbelt with substantial morgages and a dream to see each other more often than a boss.


A couple of major life events have ment taking a chance is more important than maintaining a status quo. 


My partner is ever more unfufilled in working as a driver. He has a managment and computer engineering education and studying internet communication.


I am an artist with a backgroung in healthcare who is increasingly falling in love with the merits of veggi gardening, aquaponics and a simplicty practice. Reducing my enviromental footprint and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle as an example for my kids and interested public has turned from whisper to calling.  


So I am at the researching decision making stage. 


1. Postpone my arts degree in favour of an aquaponics course and drawing up a small bussiness plan (possibly through NEIS). Any referals for centerlink aproved online providers ? (I have contacted open collages and ASC as possibilities for the horticulture / aquaponics component and have started a tentative bussiness plan).


2. Attempt to increase my residential aquaponics production and find small local buyers for my produce (as testing grounds), till we can do all the cost analysis on our equity, markets and relocation prospects. We are local to farmers markets in Hurstbridge /Vic.  and some fine dinning venues. Experiences on similar ventures would be welcomed.


3........ and Risk it all in a mid life crisis style upheaval that may possibly put our family through turmoil and instability to only have a bigger investment group rise up with a stronger foundation and wipe us out? We have very wealthy, self made friends who just said they had a go, but many stories of regret are common also. 


Thanks for any thoughts in advance. Advice will undoubly add to the 'foresight bank'.



Ahsha and Stevie




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Hi Asha and Stevie,

Welcome to the forum and good on you for deciding to make a lifestyle and tree change.

You are making a wise moving by educating yourself and writing a business plan first prior to investing any of your hard earned money. Can I suggest that you team up with an experienced aquaponics producer and offer free labour in exchange for education/advice and exchange of ideas.

As for background reading one of the few Australian aquaponics books is: Aquaponics in Australia written by Shannida and Matt Herbert which you can find at the link below

Besure to let the community know how your journey progresses.





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