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October 2011: We have had 5 inches or 125mm of rain over the past few weeks, with lots of rain and warm weather the pasture growth has been amazing. I am looking at buying some young cattle over the next week to make the most of the extra pasture growth. I will look at buying some heifers or steers at 200-250kg these cattle will grow out the fastest and produce the best return as muscle weighs more than fat. 

September 2011: The month is off to a great start with 25mm of rain over the past few days. The grass has really started growing and we have stoopped supplementary feeding. We have our on property merino ram sale towards the end of the month, preparations are busy for this including horn branding, trimming, crutching and hoof trimming.

January 2012: The fantastic season in Central NSW continues with over 10 inches received since the start of the year. This is the best summer I have ever seen, so much grass on the farm with no where near enough livestock stock to eat it. The joys of farming in Australia, droughts and flooding rains.


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