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Farm name:


Yearm Farming:


Farm size:

1 - 5ha

Farm Location:

Tumut N.S.W

Farm Category:

CattleSheepPoultryOlivesFruit treesHerbs

Farm Phisolophy:

Love your animals, show compassion and care to all critters and they will reward you in return.

Most memorable farming moment:

An old farmer had a calf (approx 6 months old) that was starving to death, he was trying to pen it to shoot it. He couldn't get it into the yards, so I gradually encouraged it into my house yard.....it bonded with me, and now, a little over 2yrs later she is approx 500kg, and we're about to have her inseminated. Because I saved her life the beautiful farmer gave her to me....this is a moment I'll never forget and forever be grateful for.


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